Case Study: Diversifying SKU Mix Using Rapid Creative Testing for Andie Swim


DTC swimwear brand Andie relied heavily on one SKU - the Amalfi swimsuit - for a large portion of sales.  Ampush’s goal was to grow revenue while diversifying the product mix.

The Ampush Approach:

Created dashboard (including Shopify and Facebook data integrations) to track sales at the SKU level.

Tested over 450+ new ad creatives promoting 75+ different SKUs, to identify top performing products.

Built over 20 iterations of champion ad creatives to drive scale behind top performer: The Malibu swimsuit.


In the week of SKU diversification launch, the Malibu made up 50% of orders at a 40% lower CPA

In first quarter working together, we increased year-on-year volume by 49% at 21% improved ROAS.